Specialised Machinery
& Accessories

We stock a wide range of specialist machinery and accessories to assist you in undertaking your cleaning duties quickly and cost-effectively.

Buff Machine

Our warehouse carries stock of Shine Mate Buff machines to suit your needs.

Vacuum Cleaners

We sell a range of Portable Machines to suit your application and budget.

Ducted Vacuum Systems

We install complete Ducted Vacuum Systems into wash bays and workshop

Vacuum Spare Parts

We sell complete range of Spare Parts for most Portable Vacuums and Ducted Systems.

High Pressure Machines

Need a High Pressure Washer whether it be cold or hot water or Multi Systems.

High Pressure Machine Parts

We sell a complete range of Spare Parts including Hoses made to order.

Hoses, Guns and Lances

Need a Hose made to order or spare Guns and Lances.


We can provide you with Overhead Boom or install at your site.


We can repair or rebuild your High Pressure Pump.

Wash Poles and Brooms

Three different size wash poles and boom heads to suit many applications.